Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria) :


You wish to contact the Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria), find on this page all the useful information to contact the Embassy or to go there: address, email, fax, phone number, name of the ambassador and opening hours.

Address of the Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria) :

Philippine Consulate in St. Polten, Austria c/o gpls Rechtsanwelte Dr. Stefan Gloss Wiener Strasse 3 3100 St. Polten Austria

Telephone of the Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria) :

(+43) (2742) 35 43 44

Fax of the Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria)

(+43) (2742) 35 14 35

Email of the Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria) :

Website of the Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten

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General information about the embassy :

Ambassador or representative of the Consulate ofPhilippines ofSankt Polten (Austria) :

Ms Waltraud Steinbock

Opening hours of the Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria) :

Lundi-Jeudi: 07.30 - 12.00 et 13.00 - 17.00 Vendredi: 07.30 - 13.30

Representations in the world :

The Consulate ofPhilippines inSankt Polten (Austria) is one of21 foreign representations inSankt Polten and is one of626 foreign representations inAustria.
There are654 representations (embassies or consulates) ofPhilippines in the world.

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Role of the Consulate ofPhilippines àSankt Polten (Austria)

An embassy is the diplomatic representation of one State to another, it is the place of diplomatic representation of a State in another State. It is of the order of diplomacy, i.e. its mission is to manage negotiations between governments. It represents its government to the authorities of the state in which it is located. It is an intermediary between two states: it facilitates communication between two governments.
In addition to this mission of representation and diplomacy, an embassy ensures a consular mission which allows expatriates to make administrative procedures: such as the elaboration of acts for events of civil state such as a birth, a marriage, a death, a recognition, and to obtain identity papers such as passport or identity card.

In case of insecurity in the host country, an embassy can ensure the protection of these expatriates inside the embassy.

An expatriate in difficulty can also ask his embassy for help, for example if he loses his money, his identity documents, and he can also ask to be repatriated.

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